October 9, 2004

October 09, 2004 2:12 PM

I’m in this mesmerization duality. Maybe jet-lag. Maybe a major crossroads in my life. . . The MEN album is ready for release in the spring of 2005 with the final song written at last. I plan on releasing a follow-up to MEN with additional mixes and collaborations that do not make it on the first album. My new collaborator, Nic Le Ban will be featured on the final track on the first MEN album. He is collaborating professionally and indeed personally. The intrigue with this rapport is that we come from different worlds yet have an innate understanding about sound and about living. I am enthusiastically anticipating our future work together. Nic is an inspiration and I am actually excited about exploring new musical ground through him. He has somehow broken through the previously disheartened state of reserved complacency which had infiltrated and darkened my spirit. I envision the year 2005 as one of challenge with the seduction of risk.