October 26, 2004

October 26, 2004 1:42 PM

I pre-voted yesterday. This necessitated going downtown to the county courthouse and facing a veritable ZOO complete with reporters from various media and their skeptical questions. Still, I successfully voted for Kerry and felt good as I walked out the door. This is my last day here at home-before I go up to New York for the show on Friday the 29th and the following morning (6 a.m. !) get on a plane for San Francisco to meet up with Neurosis for our show 6 Nov in L.A. I also successfully managed (even though there is a serious shortage this year) to get a flu vaccine yesterday since I will be flying so much in the next few weeks and amongst crowds. Today is a massively busy day as I try and “do it all” (as usual) before leaving home. I think I am still staying strong in the face of the chaotic meteor storm of my life. Let us see how I fare – come winter solstice.

ex animo j.