November 3, 2004

November 03, 2004 10:42 PM

I am stunned and aghast that we have another 4 years of this current administration. I am furious. ……. SO. Today I did what Jarboe does when she is furious. I decided to be “adventurous.” Translate : ATHLETIC. WRECKLESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran along the beach with the sound of crashing waves echoing in my ear up to the edge of the bluff. I ran up the first steep hill and THEN I climbed to the top of the highest mountainous bluff. I stayed up there screaming and panting from exertion with sweat pouring down my face until a streak of lightning shot across the Pacific. Alarmed, I made my way down the mountain top ever so slowly in the hail pummeling my face and the heavy rain. When I got down to the bottom, I began the strenuous journey against the strong winds to the beach and the distant PATH TO THE DOOR. One hour later, I was soaked through. I mean SOAKED THROUGH. In the door and a hot shower and chicken noodle soup later, I am still chilled to the bone. I stood at the window and watched the Pacific RAGE. It was a metaphor for my own inner rage.