November 4, 2004

November 04, 2004 4:42 PM

(and yes, i know. yesterday’s pun was intentional. )Last night, Kris served an amazing home-cooked dinner. I slept poorly however as my immune system is at war. Not sure yet where it will go. I was lucky enough to get a flu vaccine before I left home, at least. Tonight Scott joins us in rehearsing for this Saturday’s show in L.A. …Lately, I am reflecting upon what it means to bring no harm to others and to know when you are helping someone and when you cannot help them. I am persistent and have never been much of a quitter. I try and locate “win win” situations. Yet, sometimes the outcome on the surface looks like I have been used or hurt. I reflect upon this state again because ultimately this life is fleeting and experienced as we define it. We live in a culture of desire fullfillment quests and little spiritual nourishment. This lack of balance is what breeds suffering. Today, meditate upon the nature of suffering in your own life.