November 15, 2004

November 15, 2004 12:06 AM

TODAY : the Final song recording for The MEN Album – Vol. 1. I began this intricate project as a “crazy idea” upon returning from Tokyo in a place of bittersweet instability in my personal life. Often, the line is more than “blurred” between my music/work and intimate life. In fact, I have to say that truth be told, there is NO line at all. I cannot approach music any other way. The entire reason I walked towards the “door” in the first place is that for me, there was no other justification to take up space on this planet unless the call I had heard since probably the womb , was answered. And so, I stood before it and I entered it and I have been exploring the other side of that door for most of my life. When this song is done and a previous song, FERAL, is remixed with the guitars “SCREAMING” as Steve Von Till hath spoken… so be it : I am going to a place of sweet stability with Nic to mark the occasion in a fitting manner.