November 29, 2004

November 29, 2004 2:07 PM

I’m still HIGH off of it. MY GOD. Last night, here in Philadelphia at Theatre of the Living Arts, Neurosis put on one of the most amazing concerts I have ever witnessed. The theatre here is incredible and the sound system was up to the high standards of the band’s orchestrations. It was a thrilling night. My part of the set was intense for me and I loved every second on stage with them. Dave (bass player) told me afterwards that I am now considered a member of Neurosis and not a “special guest” – to me this is a great honor. Saturday night in New York was a totally different experience as the concert was in a sold out sweaty club and it was too small for this massive show. I was almost falling off of the stage in NYC and the sound was dense and I heard that my vocals did not come through depending on where you stood. Last night, all was crystal clear and hard and clean. Today , Nicole and I go to Relapse Records. I just finished a photo shoot for the magazine, Ugly Planet and now we are heading out the door. Later tonight, we meet with my publicist, Howlin Wuelf. We are near the famous Eastern State Penitentiary now in artist Nicole Boitos’ neighborhood.