January 6, 2005

January 06, 2005 03:43 AM

Tonight I ran 4 miles. Breathing was steady and smooth and I am building back up to 9 miles after being sick for over six weeks with some kind of flu- like infection. Today Nic and I go into the studio to work on Feral – the track from MEN. I have been getting inquiries about the Conduit and will send out a Living Rumor tomorrow with an update. Anhedoniac and A Mystery Of Faith are being mailed out now to everyone who particpating in Conduit. I am feeling inspired and excited about all of the music with which I’m involved these days. I am with a strong man who is also awakening a strength in me. There are a lot of new things to look forward to now and the old voices in my head have faded into oblivion… … Also my interview I mentioned in an earlier artery was posted DEC 31 on suicidegirls.com ….

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