January 7, 2005

January 07, 2005 12:10 AM

Today I determined to have Mike Rollings play heavy tribal drums on the song, Feral. MIke played drums with me in Athens, Greece at a metal/industrial festival and I was so impressed that I have wanted to work with him ever since. I’m excited about the completion of The Men Album ! At long last … I have been in a pensive mood the past few days as I begin 2005 and reflect on my life and where I have been and where I want to go. What have I learned ? I have learned to take it as it comes and stay the course true to my vision. This is my life. This is my time. Emotions solidly and historically have their place in the creative process. Emotions come and go. This life is short. To desire and attach with only the intent of ego will always lead to suffering. The idea, then, is to see emotions as waves in the ocean. At times, indulge in an emotion. Hold it tenderly at arm’s length but Embrace it only if you want to get wet. 🙂