January 17, 2005

January 17, 2005 2:42 PM

I am back in Atlanta after my trip to San Francisco to rehearse with Neurosis and then to Seattle to do the show with them Friday night. The concert was extremely well received and sold-out. I felt an inner calm but this time it was infused with a vibrant clarity I can only describe as being surrounded by love and total open heart before I went on stage. This was a MASSIVE and SIGNIFICANT evening for me – personally. Indeed, it was truly the destruction of the past and the creation of the future. The effect on my experience of the performance was one of intense caressing warmth and balance from being centered and anointed in rebirth. It was also a turning point – professionally – as it marked the end of a series of concerts. I had everyone sign the cd booklet I had used in rehearsals. This included Lars – the sound man, Roadie – the legend, Josh – the film maker, and of course : Dave, Scott, Noah, Jason, and Steve – brothers all.

ex animo