March 4, 2005

March 04, 2005 02:40 AM

“The repetition of a particular sequence indicates a particular lesson life is trying to get across; or a particular state to achieve in order to advance”… I was thinking about this as a metaphor tonight as I studied oil brushstrokes on canvas. Tonight we saw the beautiful work of artist Kate Javens in an area downtown with numerous galleries and warehouse lofts. The palette and sensibility of this work was profoundly moving to me. Primarily paintings of animals, they utilize light in a way that references a classic Old Masters style yet they are exhibited in a contemporary and engaging manner. I loved this exhibit. Tuesday I spent the day on the set for the music video for The Agony Scene and the song “Prey.” Primarily, my role was to portray three different emotional states. The resignation “morphed” to extreme anger and screams/rage. I wore very heavy makeup that was peeling and white and I had dark eye sockets. The effect was corpse-like. The band was cool and I enjoyed meeting them and talking a bit about performance and music.

The Conduit c.d. is in the very final stages of production now and will be in manufacturing soon.