April 3, 2005

April 03, 2005 03:29 AM

Tonight I felt an exhilarating happiness that was a transference from the sheer genius and discipline of a first rate music program at Emory University. It was a wonderful evening of live music. The program was entitled : Gamelan Voyage. The performance featured 30 musicians and presented traditional Gamelan music as well as that of Debussy, Colin McPhee, Lou Harrison, John Cage , Steven Everett, and Wasitodiningrat. I was energized and inspired by this intricate and deeply spiritual music. The piece by John Cage and Lou Harrison incorporated a cymbal like instrument being shaken in a large tub of water. The effect was a modulating tone that was magnificent and organic. In this time of canned and dubbed and effected sounds, to see an evening of completely organic and live sound and performance is a privilege and for me, a joy of being alive. I am so happy in my heart to be a participant of the world of live performance. …………… After the program, I spent some time in front of a statue my mother took me to sometimes as a child. I do this when I am near her house and suddenly feel her speaking to me and telling me to be strong and to be noble and to not let the trials of this world break my resolve.

……………. please believe me. do not let the trials of this world break you. it is all in your attitude. meditation will open the gate. drugs and alcohol will not.

ex animo.