April 12, 2005

April 12, 2005 02:01 AM

Tonight ‘s rehearsal was spent on arranging the order of the set and further song arrangement. Things are all sounding inspired to me and I am truly looking forward to this tour. Driving home at midnight after tonight’s rehearsal, I was focused and positive and happy. The city looked beautiful to me and the pubs and bars and cafes were full of an energy I could perceive as interest in the future and ambition and hopes. I love this city even with all of its troubles. It is an American city : a city of “becoming”, a city of future, a city of dreams and possibilities. It has been through so much in its history and it is indeed the mirror of the city’s symbol of the Phoenix rising from the flames. In the case of Atlanta, it is literal as Sherman burned it to the ground in the Civil War. Today, this city is in a rapid state of enormous growth with good design / insight for the future and I predict continual solid expansion and development. There will be a 40 acre park along the river soon and additional rapid transit and another ring expressway around the city and cable cars through the nearby neighborhood which features numerous restaurants and bars. The Atlantic Station is also not far from here and it is an example of forward thinking for an advanced and progressive urban environment. East Atlanta and Reynoldstown and Cabbage Town are all eclectic neighborhoods of Atlanta and they are the home of the young and educated and cultured. I am home in Manhattan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Ljubljana, London, Oslo, Trondheim, Copenhagen, and Taos as well as this , the city of my childhood.