May 4, 2005

May 04, 2005 5:24 PM

when i got out of bed today and opened my front door to “let the sunshine in”, two small birds landed on the middle of my screen door and peered in at me. they turned their heads curiously and (with some difficulty) actually strutted about outside the screen while continuing to look into the darkness of my black-walled living room. joyous heart.

since the concert on friday (photos coming soon), i have been to PushPush Theater to see Gilgamesh with live Persian style music performed notably by Damon Young and Paul Mercer.

i attended Art In The Park at Freedom Park in Atlanta and also went to a wild and wooded location in the Kirkwood neighborhood where I had to cross over a creek upon a tree trunk to see preparations for a suspension. This involved many large hooks going deeply into the flesh of a number of men who suspend their bodies in the air from pulleys attaching to the embedded hooks.

a good example of this ritual is at

tonight I have a rehearsal for the upcoming east coast tour with friends Amber Asylum and Unto Ashes.

Update from Atavistic : THE MEN album will be released in early October! HOORAH !