May 14, 2005

May 14, 2005 02:55 AM

I love watching veteran performers at their craft. It always informs me in some way. Tonight we attended the Peter Murphy concert. I realized that Annie Lennox and Peter Murphy utilize certain similar techniques in their body language on stage. It is a type of cabaret approach that incorporates deliberate “camp” in its language – meaning it does so in a very self-aware fashion. . . Wonderful singing and an appreciative audience. Our host was Brian, aka Minister. It was a good evening. Last night I attended Sanctuary, which was an outdoor party at Susan Bridges beautiful old house in Inman Park. There was art by Cooper Sanchez . Writer Jerry Cullum was there. It was upbeat as there were a couple of hundred people having a good time under many small white lights strung up though the trees and free flowing wine on a gorgeous spring night in Atlanta.

I’ve also enjoyed the gallery exhibitions recently of : Yoshio Itagaki and Shin-Il Kim.