May 25, 2005

May 25, 2005 11:18 PM

Fueling . I am finally not getting in the van and in constant motion and have the availability of a laptop. I’m writing from NYC. Monday night here was the final show of a series of 5 shows. Truly, I feel that all 5 shows were honest. To be honest is my intent. Every performance then, brings one closer to the source. Last night, I went to The Kitchen and saw a performance by Tony Conrad and ensemble – of a new avant garde composition. Lary Seven was there. (He was a student of Tony Conrad’s and has performed with him. ) Today I went to the Museum Of Modern Art to experience the new building and visit my “lovely Bebe Marie.” This is the piece in the permanent collection (on the 5th Floor in the Surrealist room) that I sang to/about in the song of the same name on the Beautiful People Ltd album. When you next visit the MOMA, say a gentle hello to her. (She has many secrets. She is far more than a doll entangled in branches.) I have been resting this evening and reading. Next on my list is to visit the Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors and the Chelsea art galleries. I find that art informs and strengthens my productivity/energy in what I do in my own work. I see it like fuel for my internal engine.