June 3, 2005

June 03, 2005 01:37 AM

With the awareness that life is sometimes like being in the eye of the storm and the chaos is outside but still circling all around you, I have been formulating a syllabus for the tasks required to advance in the months ahead. The MEN is mastered and the artwork is moved from a concept to fruition. SIX YEARS . This project is a final statement “of being” in the external factors that took up so much of that lifetime. Somewhere along the way, my consciousness altered. Somewhere along the way, I was still “recognized” by others because I still resembled my physical self. Yet, I remember the first time I tried to sing and I remember the first time I looked into my eyes in the mirror – after the Shift. A theme I’ve alluded to in my previous writing is what I’ll call : “the state of complacency.” After the shift in awareness, the edge was less clear and things no longer mattered that had been so crucial before. Complacency was replaced by what circulates in my brain and runs throughout my nervous system as a soundtrack.