June 5, 2005

June 05, 2005 04:45 AM

Beginning to work on new music now and I feel the electricity of creative energy inside me. Earlier tonight, I was reviewing notes and I had the familiar realization that among factors necessary to survive in a volatile world are strength of mind, a sense of humor, and not letting outside factors get to you. The only thing I have personally found that not only helps develop mental transcendence of the difficulties in this life but also heightens one’s awareness, is meditation and exercise. I have meditated while sitting in a posture and while running 9 miles. I have meditated while walking in a quiet park and in a crowded airport. We are machines that need regular maintenance. For me, that maintenance means runs and meditation and laughter and creating and music. I have also gone through extreme painful catharsis in the process entering into meditative space from which my songs have been born.