July 18, 2005

July 18, 2005 02:38 AM

I heard from an artist who told me she was painting to World Of Skin music. This made me smile. She also brought up the state of happiness in a mildly philosophical way and it prompted me to respond with 4 things that come to mind very immediately about happiness. 1. I once heard “happiness is overrated.” I have to say that the attempt to grasp it definitely is … 2. “Happiness is fleeting.” I have to agree. 3. “It is a sign of depression to constantly monitor one’s state of happiness or unhappiness.” I heard a psychologist on National Public Radio say this one time. I also agree. 4. HH the Dalai Lama when asked “what is the meaning of life?” responded : ” I would have to say that to be happy is the meaning of life.” I was there and heard it myself.