August 14, 2005

August 14, 2005 6:16 PM

This has been an eventful week and I am finally getting a sense of progress. The Conduit subscribers are all receiving their cds and special Conduit package limited “collage” art style version of tour itineraries. Many of these have bits of gaffer tape from a roll of it used in concert to control cords on stage. The Men Album artwork is done and it looks great. We visited a friend in South Carolina who made us dinner and with whom Nic enjoyed playing some impromptu guitar. We met friends last night at the French cafe around the corner that I like in Atlanta and since you bring in your own wine there, we enjoyed a bottle of the excellent “Praesidium” which had been delivered to our door courtesy of someone very special indeed (initials GP) ! Today has seen more sunshine that I have seen in the past two months. My mental space and productive attitude project that energy. I’ll go for a run tonight.