August 20, 2005

August 20, 2005 12:45 AM

Speaking with Nanotear Booking now about Portland, Seattle, San Francisco shows after returning from the Europe tour. I want to do shows in these cities with the Europe line-up. Went for a long run Thursday night of over 5 miles. It was great to run in the dark through the trees and be completely drenched with sweat from the exertion. Didn’t stretch out adequately afterwards or else it is some kind of vitamin deficiency because leg cramps set in and woke me up at dawn. Today I was aware of a new rip in the calf muscles , however, and the sensation is glorious. Began rehearsing my words today in the process of memorization and development of execution… Current issue of Rockrgrl has an interview I did recently. Learned today I have an interview next week with The Wire. Brett Robinson did a live performance on bass with film and audio accompaniment he had made at Eyedrum on Wednesday night that was bold and disturbing, agitating. At one point, Nic joined in the performance with a cathartic and riveting vocal. I have realized again that he is truly multi-faceted and shares the music/sonic experience as intensely as I do. We are beginning the framework now for the set which will include songs from Disburden Disciple as well as The Men Album.