November 20, 2005

November 20, 2005 9:15 PM

LISTENING. ……There are several things in life that cause me extreme pain. This pain leads me to anger. One is “gang” mentality – where a group of people mock and harass someone and all stand around together in their stupid “superiority.” The other thing is when I adamantly state something with total conviction and I am not listened to and I am disrespected when I try and get a word in edgewise and state that I can no longer tolerate being nagged. As I write this, in contrast to last night’s joy, I am in a place of terrible anguish. I have witnessed the “gang” mockery behavior of late AND as for nagging : I want to make something VERY clear to everyone in the entire world who is reading this. I stated it quite clearly to Terrorizer Magazine. The assembled line-up for the European tour I just completed will NEVER come together again. I am not repeating this. I am tired of repeating it. I require that I be respected and LISTENED TO. Now, pardon me (or actually – as you like) – as I am TREMBLING – from being pissed off about said above crap and from a lot of SHITTY shitty PAIN.