November 20, 2005

November 20, 2005 01:24 AM

It feels strange to write an ARTERY. A lot has happened since I last made an entry to this online journal. Tonight, I am allowing myself to feel happy. I usually mistrust this emotion but tonight I am letting it have its way with me! The tour had numerous memorable moments. I loved Moscow and Budapest and Prague and London and I had a wonderful time in Portugal and Poland. I stayed with Lydia Lunch in Barcelona and that was just beautiful. She is an amazing woman. In London, I had the profound honor of meeting Justin Broadrick. He even brought his artistry to our live sound and Terrorizer magazine made note of this – better believe it. I spent an evening with Terrorizer and it was my pleasure. I love them. It is one of my favorite magazines. In Oslo, I spent time with Ted Parsons – former Swans drummer and now in Jesu. This was one of the most beautiful evenings of the tour for me. I am feeling good because I am going to return to Europe to do another tour and I am feeling strong and healthy and enthusiastic. As long as Leo Nazar is there, I can do anything. (Thank You , my brother…) Of interest: I was in the second row from the stage in San Francisco to see METALLICA and the ROLLING STONES in concert ! This show was INCREDIBLE. I want to thank HANK FURY, roadie “extraordinaire”, for this privilege and JERRY BLUE for the stretch LIMO ! LOL! This was a night to remember… JANUARY : I will be doing shows in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Two of these will be with Red Sparowes ! I will be performing with guitarist John Cobbett ( for these 4 unique concerts.

more as I … decompress and re-animate from the abyss of artistic catharsis…

and maybe when you least expect it, joy and love can enter the heart and make you remember blue flames.