December 4, 2005

December 04, 2005 02:41 AM

So I share my ideas on this site in what I call ARTERY. Artery is where you get to see my thought process and ergo witness what will ultimately inform my work. There is NO separation between my LIVING and my creative output / my WORK. This is called Artery on a site called Living ……. There has been a lot of activity in Jarboe world of late. The focus, now that I am recovering, is taking care of personalized MEN cds and other things people are obtaining from the site. I care so much about the people who support my work that I spend a lot of time individualizing my materialized work. The connection currently does not stop with listening to recordings. It continues in personalized tangible form and in accessibility. The simultaneous focus is embarking on several new performance projects. One project is the festival in Seville, Spain on 3 March 2006 and possible surrounding dates. Another project is a series of West Coast and possible Canadian “unplugged” style concerts in late January and early February, 2006. There are also several recording collaborations in in the works in 2006. More on those soon. . . . . . . The main thing is to try and not take all the baggage of life so seriously and to try and move on in your life and let go of negative feelings that grip you and eat away inside and ultimately hold you back in your life from accomplishing what you need to do before you die. I strongly believe in accomplishment and doing your work. I believe that resistance will try and distract you from doing your work your entire life. Resistance takes the form of many things throughout your life. You have to fight it every single day. I see it inside myself and I see it inside the people around me. You can live your entire life being distracted by negative energy and never do the one beautiful thing that you and only you were born to do in this life. In my own life, I found that only one thing made me so centered that I was no longer self-conscious. I was no longer selfish. I was no longer shy. I was no longer numb. I FOUND my work. I believe in love and I believe in cutting the dead wood resistance from your life and doing your work. Work is what I said. Not job. Do not respond to the negative force that will consume you. That will kill you. That will make you bitter and old and sad and isolated. There is nothing to be afraid of by listening to your inner voice and defeating resistance every single day. There is not such thing as “security.” Stop existing for your retirement and your 401K. Start living your dreams.

After thought : You know, I remember when I was accused of duplicity by someone in my own family following my brother’s death. This was years ago. I have never forgotten or been able to forget . I am guilty of one thing : holding on to the pain of not being able to stop remembering that accusation. . . Remembering that tragic day . . . is a gift that hollowed my being eternally.