December 30, 2005

December 30, 2005 02:30 AM

Obey the strange-haired woman with sad singing lips

The child of pleasure unbound

Her bud and bloom are tortured execution

The valley of innocence – purgatory’s caress

A ritual awakening

Transport transformation

In her altar of temptation

Taste of bliss, Annunciation

Treasure book and temple

Eternal idol mystica

Transcendental satisfaction

The sweet meat – love and holy cult

Ravished demons speak in tongues

Soak emotion dogs

The other world

Overwhelm corruption of

Lost in the labyrinth


Lost in the labyrinth

Thunderbolt sensation

Cabalistic kiss the electric spectre

Sleepwalker dream-hunter

Nightmare tempest

Discharge orage and please my mind

We reap the fruit

We’re calling the vultures

A terrible joy

Transmit – Her


from: Sacrificial Cake (Jarboe) 1995