January 17, 2006

January 17, 2006 5:10 PM

The next week is action packed. The probability of an increase in anxiety level is pretty certain. It is raining hard today and very cold or I’d be outside running to alleviate stress. Instead I am working on customizing merchandise orders from the site and also getting ready for the west coast concert dates with Renee and John and also doing all the set-up procedure for the coming behind the scenes upgrade for this website. I’m fairly overwhelmed but truly grateful I have “a little help from my friends” …. Ms. Renee , by the way has a website here : www.enviemusic.com John has a website here : www.ludicra.org and be sure to subscribe for the MAILING LIST about the expedition to Antarctica here: www.unfinishedjourney.com This is the expedition to be undertaken by Jarboe designer/collaborator , Cedric Victor-DeSouza.

and finally , from Mobilization about the upcoming Destroy5 Festival :

Blixa has told us he plans to have a new CD and DVD release of his “Rede/Speech” performance released before the Feb. shows. You can find out more information at http://www.blixa-bargeld.com

Be aware that this is NOT a “speech”. Rather, Blixa has his vocals processed live by long time Neubauten sound engineer Boris Wilsdorf. Although hard to categorize, this technique allows for a “real time” interplay of vocal ideas with patterns and rhythms produced by the audio effects themselves (similar at least in concept with Diamanda Galas). The performance is really a duet between performer and engineer.

The subject matter ranges from free form explorations of pseudo scientific principles, to direct exchanges with the audience. The performance is at once deeply personal and serious, yet wildly amusing and humorous. The result is a very rare and intimate opportunity to get inside Blixa’s wicked head. The majority of the US performances will be in English. And have no fear, Blixa promises that things will definitely get LOUD.