February 10, 2006

February 10, 2006 01:16 AM

i just came inside. i was outside ( so as not to disturb kris and her son, karl who were both asleep ) on the cell phone instructing thorn removal from the paw of a loudly roaring lion whose lamentations and growls were demanding all my attention when suddenly i saw a real live SKUNK run his twisted little run into the street ! i was not aware that Pacifica had skunks ! i quickly came inside! i had seen that action before in the georgia mountains one time so thankfully i knew he meant trouble. SO : today i was again alone. i walked along the beach and climbed to the top of the bluff. i will be performing later tonight at the festival and then i will spend my remaining time here meditating and taking care of myself. i am feeling isolated and happy to be away from the drama of the ego which is surrounding human life. i am not superior to it but i am weary of it. WHEN WE ARE NO LONGER PREOCCUPIED WITH SELF-CENTERED PURSUITS BASED ON THE INSECURITIES OF THE ILLUSORY SELF AND ITS DESIRES AND AVERSIONS, THE WORLD ARISES IN THE PURITY OF THE NATURAL STATE IN A VIVID PRISTINE DISPLAY OF BEAUTY. …….ALL EXPERIENCES ARISE AS AN ORNAMENTATION OF THE NATURE OF MIND, RATHER THAN AS A PROBLEM OR DELUSION. *

please read this statement 100 times and reflect upon it. 100 times. do it now. everything else can wait.

* tenzin wangyal rinpoche