February 12, 2006

February 12, 2006 10:23 PM

since my last artery entry, i have done the final performance of this west coast experience. it was in an art gallery setting and extremely crowded and noisy and so i made ( what turned out to be a radical performance ) a type of exploration of something that touched upon self-flagellation and got down on the floor in the puddle of spilled drinks as the crowd parted and encircled me as i sang “Forgive.” also the final days … something i am attuned to in a big way , the energy had shifted between the performing team . i am confident that the performances came together ; i am also happy to move on to other work. psychic tension = move on ! the SEVEN cds I am working on this year await. one of these will be a Jarboe solo album and one will be the new band : The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult. The other 5 cds will be collaborations with another in the drivers seat. i am also going to do a Canadian tour before 2007. last night , i took the Bart train with Kris Force and her friend , Mary , and Mary’s son and Kris’s son . we went to the Chinese new year parade. it was a lot of fun with rippling fireworks and big dragons and floats with dancers and people on stilts . i had a great time neck craning ! earlier we went to Mary and her husband’s home . He is Bruce Tomb www.brucetomb.com … i was jaw open inspired and exhilarated by the use of what was a place of punishment and is now clearly a place of home life and harmony. they live in a converted former San Francisco city JAIL. in one room, they still have the cells and i walked inside one to get a sense of the confinement and the space. the large kitchen window is made of bullet proof glass. it was beautiful because a bullet had been shot into it and the glass had stopped the bullet but had cracked an intricate flower like design . The BEACH AT ONE A.M. : i walked along the beach through thick fog all around. the Pacific was RAGING and the waves were violent. in the distance i saw the soft glow of numerous red Chinese lanterns. as i approached, one of the houses across from the beach was having a dinner party and there were numerous torches of open flame as well as the red lanterns on tall poles shoved into the sand. JUST GORGEOUS. tonight i ran along the path that leads up to the bluff . it felt great. now i am at Kris’s on her Mac laptop and Karl is here in the living room watching dvd episodes of South Park while Kris is in her room working on what sounds like effects for one of her work related game projects. i’m feeling relaxed and energized at the same time.