February 13, 2006

February 13, 2006 7:17 PM

i ran along the sea wall before sundown and scrambled up the bluff overlooking the ocean. i wanted to watch the sunset from atop the bluff and meditate with the hypnotic sound of the crashing waves all around me. i watched an astonishing sunset of thick , vibrant scarlet and rose streaks across the sky . the sun sank into the Pacific. i closed my eyes and breathed deeply. the sound of the waves became gentle and calm. there was peace everywhere. i felt myself become one with the ocean. i was the ocean. then there was nothing at all but the sensation of bliss and radiating love from within my heart. when i opened my eyes, a fluffy soft brown rabbit was sitting right next to me peacefully and then a huge black raven called out and flew over me and out over the sea. i uncrossed my legs and stood up. the rabbit turned around to follow me and then scrambled down the other side of the bluff. i had been sitting for over two hours and yet time had stopped. as i climbed down the bluff towards the beach, i knew a wounded part of me had healed and that i ascended and transcended bodily reality.