March 8, 2006

March 08, 2006 07:10 AM

An eventful time in Spain. After the performance in Seville, Renee and I went to Barcelona and visited Lydia Lunch for several days. I carefully climbed to the highest point of a spiral inside Sagrada Familia and then slowly descended many small spiral steps back down. It was great to observe Lydia working on a new performance piece and also listen to her conversations with Renee about one’s responsibilities to oneself above and beyond other’s demands . All in all, I think this trip will be forever remembered by me as 3 women in different places in their lives yet finding commonality in the universal challenges within a the life of “woman”.

In an attempt to be helpful in moving R’s keyboard in the heavy steel road case last Friday night, I had an accident and it feels like my sternum area inside my chest is sore and bruised and I so I am trying to heal now and breathe deeply.

Next on the travel agenda is recording in New York with Byla later this month.