March 23, 2006

March 23, 2006 8:01 PM

“Spend time focusing only on the thoughts that are conducive to your well-being and progress.” This is truthful and not as simplistic as it may first appear to be. We are always processing data in our brains. Some event or trauma or unresolved conflict is always churning deep inside our hard drive. This , I believe, is what contributes to depression. Factors that are unseen in the seemingly present moment are inside somewhere trying to work themselves out. …….So I want to talk about irony and the American way of Life. Tonight, in the pouring rain, with my old pickup truck loaded with items for the recycle center, I attempt to get out of my driveway and up the street in a maze of 56 SUVs parked on either side of the road. There is a party next door to me and their guests have arrived via monstrous tanks. I see new ones turning into my street – and there is only one person inside. Huge vehicles for an army of – one. Then I drive to the recycle center to deposit my glass bottles, newspapers, magazines, cans, etc. Directly next to the recycle center is a golf course built upon a landfill of waste from a former dump. It is , as I said, pouring down rain. And to my raised brow and dropped jaw, I see the sprinkler system is going FULL BLAST over this golf course /ex land fill. !!!

Let me get this straight. As we weave our way through gas guzzling SUVS , we are to save energy and be environmentally prudent by recycling – and in a rain storm, the sprinklers will blast tons of a precious resource called : water.