April 4, 2006

April 04, 2006 8:20 PM

“Your imagination is life’s preview for coming attractions.” *** Today was beautiful here in NYC. As I walked along the Hudson River, there were gusts of cold wind under a sky of clear blue. A nearby demolition of a building shook the sidewalk under my feet like an earthquake. The New York accents sounded loud and harsh to my now lilting Southern and soft friendly West Coast adjusted ears…… And I have been processing the amazing work with Byla and anticipating the work for The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult which begins in a few days in Olympia, Washington. I’ve been in a philosophical mood of late and have been meditating and doing deep breathing and visualizations. I am a fledgling in this new formless state. I have again killed the one who was before and I rise from that death and begin again.

*** Einstein quote taken from the book entitled : ZEN-BRAIN REFLECTIONS discovered today in St Marks Books.