May 7, 2006

May 07, 2006 01:17 AM

This evening I am to sing in Renee’s wedding ceremony at Botanical Gardens. Ana Balka will play accordion. This summer is going to be a solitary and extremely busy one as I work on new recordings and write new material. Bumbershoot is soon as is music on a video/computer game and maybe a show in Casablanca in addition to my 3 new c.d. projects. One is : The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult which is many ways is a commentary on the digital age. One is a Jarboe at home solo c.d.. One is a secret collaborative cloaked in mystery. The recent NYC work with Byla was good and I find them to be open-minded and talented musicians. The work in Olympia, WA. with some other incredible folks : Brian, Elizabeth, and Nic was great as it was intense musically and spiritually . Segments of those sessions are to released on a special 7 ” vinyl soon on Paradigm (out of London). A new portrait that I feel captures me in a very personal way will grace the cover from artist, R. Phister. Seattle was magical on a night when I was given a special tour by Nic. First he took me to dinner at Mona’s Bistro and then to Golden Gardens where we walked along the beach among the many bonfires. We went to Conor Byrne’s Pub in Old Ballard where a band was playing traditional Irish music and then to Queen Anne for the views. I had a good time at a silly place I would normally never step inside of called Paragon where a live funk band played songs from the 70’s . It was described to me as a singles bar . I don’t care about “single” but I had a good time watching happy overweight people dancing. My favorite was Gasworks Park which looked really creepy at night where , after a climb I stood on the stone rose. Then we went to West Seattle for more views and finally to a secret park hidden along Lake Washington where we sat on an old swing bench in a cove. This is where I felt the energy of a * shooting star *.