May 17, 2006

May 17, 2006 10:41 PM

Last night there were possum directly in front of the door to the house so I waited to get out of the truck to come inside. And tonight , there were two large owls in the trees as I left to go to the park to run. This morning, a large bird flew directly into the window as if it wasn’t even there. I have already written about the fox with roadkill in his mouth. All I can interpret this encroachment activity to be is some disturbance to a formerly undeveloped area nearby. These are displaced residents. My home is so buried in trees and branches that they see it as a sanctuary. A retreat from civilization. And it is a good thing that they do because that was the idea of the original landscaping Michael and I devised years ago. This city is blasting with development and modernization. The good news is bike trails and sidewalks and in town living and amazing loft buildings. The bad news is increased traffic. The good news is an even wider selection of goods and services. The bad news is the parameters of what I can actually provide with my little bit of planet earth to these creatures.