May 23, 2006

May 23, 2006 12:07 AM

so i am working hard and a quick update on a few of my activities before i go to bed. i am ready for sleep. (a good sign that all the exercise is working on the mega stress i’ve dealt with for a very long time.) 1. i finally saw Paradise Now on dvd. an excellant film. at the heart of it is personal honor and what that means to a son. 2. i hacked the overgrown bushes that had taken over my front porch and that took two hours where i was even lying fully on top of one of the holly bushes with the blades ! my feet were not on the ground. i was literally on top of this huge holly bush. i neglected to wear gloves and the skin on my fingers is peeled away in places . 3. today i did even more work out there in addition to 4. running three miles and 5. recording three hours of keyboard and voice.

i am also completely busy with personalized orders from the site.

this week i will see the show, Bodies and the film , DaVinci Code. the official southern sessions for The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult start in June. the website will have photos of the sessions in addition to mp3s and various commentary.