May 27, 2006

May 27, 2006 02:54 AM

An Inconvenient Truth. see this film! Tonight I worked on the track for side A of the 7 inch record Paradigms is releasing. This 7 inch will feature Nic Le Ban, Brian Castillo , Elizabeth Hummel, and me on the introduction to The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult. In June, the initial website will be launched in the early recording phase of the full length c.d. There will be photographs of the recording sessions and sound samples. ……. Recently, I saw the DVD “Transporter 2” and in one of the many bizarre scenes, was delighted with the line : “Listen to Panasonic. Its rock music. Its good.” Then you hear a snippet of my friends’ PanSonic music in the room in the scene (but not as part of the actual film soundtrack). Things are going well. I’m not sleeping and I catch a few hours when I can . This usually means in the afternoon but not so much through the night because I can’t record with the house construction sounds going on at the property across from me. I’m also not sleeping due to the inevitable excitement that comes from creating music and the adrenalin that kicks in to fuel the brain. I plan on completing the track this weekend as well as several more songs that I have started in the past three weeks. There is a lot of work to do with recording this summer – before I go into the extensive work and rehearsals for the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle where I am going to try a new approach to performance from recent shows of the past two years.