May 31, 2006

May 31, 2006 12:29 AM

even though i may not see it yet, i believe in equalization and things coming to terms. catch yourself. don’t give power to your initial reaction. that reaction is primitive brain. i read an article recently advocating reactive anger. i disagree. if you live your life from a reactive stance, you are like a small boat at the mercy of the storm in the sea. reacting in anger is usually rehearsing anger and fear and releasing toxins in your blood. there are a dozen reasons on a daily basis in the city to get angry. why do people provoke? why do they mock? why do they hate? to me, it is because they are very small and very weak and do not even see the big picture. i judge here. i am aware that i have judged. and there are circumstances in everyone’s life that no one judging can see. you cut me off in traffic ? maybe it is because your father is dying of Alzheimer’s. maybe it is because you lost your job. maybe it is because you are lonely. . . compassion is detached. . . death is the first lesson of life.