June 5, 2006

June 05, 2006 02:38 AM

this life isn’t so neat and tidy where your flaws are targeted and you are picked apart and those people who criticize you (who know so much more than you ) tell you the real answer. you can never be perfect all the time for everyone everywhere and there will always be someone standing around the corner waiting to stab you in the heart with their own past. pain and anger and fear and defeat and paranoia and all the drop-down menus of the above are a wildfire. the wildfire spreads and burns everything in its path. it is an infection and it spreads to everyone with whom you come in contact. it is a drunk driver, reckless and selfish asshole unfit for civilization. do not get drunk on your own emotions that are full of the drop-down menu items and kill an innocent bystander … a child lost in her own world singing on a bicycle … a pet dog running across the street to greet his master… or me.