June 17, 2006

June 17, 2006 05:05 AM

taken from The Men Album review from Signal To Noise magazine summer issue. On newsstands now . “Your Virgin Martyr,” the thrilling, 8-minute closer for Jarboe and Nic Le Ban’s vocals and guitar, treads breathtaking expressive territory … and emerges as one of the great album “closers” of all time. Simply brilliant. ******** taken from The Conduit review : The Conduit is all Jarboe and Nic Le Ban, with lyrics by poet Joshua Fraser. Le Ban’s guitar work ranges from tender to all-consuming, and the tracks…make for a great companion disc to The Men Album, extending the aural terrain of that project into multi-part essays that seem to contain worlds within worlds…” …..

Thank you Larry Nai and STN for “getting it”


Went to the Los Lonely Boys concert Friday evening with women friends. We sat outdoors and enjoyed the night air and innocent fun of the crowd and the show with many glasses of wine and snacks. I took a picture of the stage and text messaged it to Nic to amuse him. He was in a great mood and Renee and I are looking forward to playing songs with him at Bumbershoot in addition to those with good friend Brian Castillo.