June 20, 2006

June 20, 2006 5:01 PM

I heard the finished mixes for The End today for the first time. I am proud to add this project to my career’s output. If you haven’t ordered it yet, I *highly* encourage you to do so. …. There are varying sources that inspire/excite the mind /imagination. For me that came after reading a new article in W magazine on my favorite contemporary “Blue Chip” artist : Damien Hirst. I am bathed in mystical all enveloping light when I encounter this man’s profound and elegant work. I feel my brain excited by possibilities. I experience elation simply knowing this artist/individualist is alive and working. www.othercriteria.com/index2.php ………In addition, there was a feature on a private home in Kentucky with an outstanding collection including Annie Sprinkle’s “Ballet” series in the master bedroom. Out in the world : Warriors of the Himalayas is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) until July 4. ” This exhibition is the first comprehensive study of armor, weapons, and equestrian equipment from the Tibetan plateau, a subject that has remained virtually unexplored until now. Many rare or previously unknown examples of helmets, body armor, swords, horse armor, saddles, and stirrups are exhibited and published here for the first time. Dating from the 13th to the 20th century, these objects include some of the finest examples of Himalayan ironwork embellished with gold and silver and extremely rare decorated leather-work.”…. “Bodies” continues to be exhibited in NYC and ATL. …. The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult recorded last night and we are on our way now to the full length c.d. process.