July 8, 2006

July 08, 2006 03:48 AM

On the fundamental level, the work load has never been heavier. Acutely aware of priorities , I am now at the place of focusing only on that to which I have currently committed. Am now taking precious time to engage walks/runs/weights daily as a way to stay strong and burn mega stress . This weekend I’m getting all of the “busy work” out of the way so the bigger picture projects can expand. I will not allow in the fear. I need to stay focused and “see light at the end of the tunnel.”

* * *

“Desire can’t be satisfied by fulfilling. It grows more and more and there is no end of desires. If a person becomes a king of a country he desires other countries. But one who doesn’t want to possess any thing possesses every thing. The desires can be given up by understanding desires. ” – Baba Hari Dass