July 23, 2006

July 23, 2006 12:52 AM

I’m writing songs for my next solo album. I’m reading Lord Byron and am also inspired by studying texts about sociopathic behavior . I am writing at 3:52 A.M. but my ISP is in California so my Artery says 3 hours earlier than it actually is for me. I ran 3 miles yesterday morning. I drove down to the ThunderBox rehearsal space to meet Renee. We had to move to a different room because they were making repairs inside the ceiling. By the time we got started, 2 hours had passed. Still working on arrangements and structure. We have two more sessions before we must start running sets. I’m in a strange mood these days. YES : I’m writing a new solo album of songs. I’m opening my eyes and closing my heart to invaders and thieves . I ‘m not anyone’s victim of love. I am bored with the victim’s deluded fake promises so empty and ego driven, so truly without awareness… or even “satisfaction.” We are all dysfunctional. This I believe. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. This I believe. Will you get burned in the end? As a mysterious and famous friend said to me, the least you can do is “BURN BRIGHT “………………. so let us now light the freedom fire. LIGHT THE FREEDOM FIRE.