July 27, 2006

July 27, 2006 04:21 AM

maybe i’m in the perfect framework of mind to talk to you. i worked on the arrangement of your melody. i erased the penciled words from the night before and i promised i’d never tell a living soul. i stopped looking over my shoulder and i even resisted the urge to scream in your face about the magnificent light of the meteor as it hurled towards us. i’m sorry about the dress. i thought purple silk looked good on you. i guess i was the only one. no one else’s opinion actually matters in the scheme of things you know. if you spend another second concerning yourself about what other people are thinking, you may as well end it all now. it is a waste and an insult to life. let the clan gather and let the freaks have their feast. i won’t be your caged pet. you will never earn the right to lick my flesh. you can concern yourself with the year of the wine or you can fall into the crashing waves at the bottom of the bluff into the ocean on september 10, 2006 without end.