August 17, 2006

August 17, 2006 12:35 AM

Because I believed I was invincible, I made rash decisions. I acted on impulse. I slept with the diseased viper. The most common and predictable comment made to me is : “You’re JARBOE. You are STRONG.” I find this *fucking* ironic. I would love and yes, I even aspire to be a lean mean killing machine. I can think of several men right now that I would enjoy destroying limb by limb because they wear arrogant shit-eating smug smirks on their faces. So you have the answer, jerk? So you are a ladies man? So you are the master stud? Yawn. Stand in line. child. Nobody. Nothing. You are a waste of time. You are a fool. You will soon no longer even be able to get it up. My minions dance on your grave, scum. You are a waste of life. Sit in the dark alone and stop your ridiculous needy insecure insect like motions to fuck every ridiculous desperate hole you can snag. You shame my LEGEND. Now crawl away and rot, you use useless excuse for a male. Your WHORE addiction is LAUGHABLE.