August 18, 2006

August 18, 2006 1:35 PM

So I’m going to a John Prine concert tonight. I’m going to the California Redwood Forest in late September. I haven’t been talking about a lot of stuff going on now , however, for a reason. Keeping it abstract to stay attuned to the writing I’m doing now both musically and lyrically. Feeling acutely aware of my separation from everyone else. A deep sense of transformation and once again questioning everything I thought I once knew. The good news : I’m not in the comfort zone. The good news : I don’t want to find someone to complete me. I don’t want to get lost in anyone else. I’m not looking for a man to give me a sense of myself nor do I want to be criticized or hear unsolicited opinions about my attitudes or my life. It is great to be reminded just how irrelevant the whole game is to someone like me. Your insufferable ego is exhausting. A BMW and gold cufflinks do not impress me. Find mindless Bambi. Not JARBOE. Gee, I hate to disappoint you. Keep the change.