September 11, 2006

September 11, 2006 1:53 PM

I am realizing that there are very few things I can tolerate musically any more. I have to create what I hear in my own head because nothing else is doing it for me now. If you understand my past work and where I have been as an artist then you can understand why I exist in a state of anger and pain because there is so much mediocrity in heavy music currently. I’m writing to you from Pacifica, California. I’m here for a few days to begin work with Kris Force on Project 144 which is the reference name for some music for a game being designed in Belgium. The shows just completed were good for me because they further revealed where I need to go as an artist. I will do a rare “song” performance in the future and these recent shows were an unusual way of interpreting them with the idea that the new approach is on the horizon and coming towards me fast. I saw these shows as a way of saying goodbye to that reference model of my work. The heavy severe work NOW and ahead – is disciplined and minimal and every note will be intentional. I want a stripped down and severe sonic field exploration with a focus of guitar, bass, drums, voice, and textures. In the studio, I will add my style of keyboard that was developed in Swans. I will complete two full length cds in 2007 of severe intentional music. Concerts will happen following release of the projects – especially in Europe.