September 18, 2006

September 18, 2006 01:45 AM

I BECAME AWARE OF SUFFOCATION. The word for now is : TRANSFORMATION. The music/the body/ the life style/ the attitude/the associates/the world. LEAVE THE COMFORT ZONE OF SUFFOCATION. You cannot grow as an artist in your comfort zone. Perfumed air and soft pillows and sloth. Cut away the FAT. Are you READY? ARE YOU READY? Let’s see if you’ve got WHAT IT TAKES. THIS IS NOT A HOBBY. THIS IS REAL. ARE YOU READY FOR WAR? The word is : TRANSFORMATION. The moment is NOW. Move FORWARD or stagnate and DIE. There is no room for the princess or the fool. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR THE PRINCESS OR THE FOOL. MOVE FORWARD OR DIE. TRANSFORMATION IS NOW. TRANSFORMATION IS NOW. THE FAT IS GONE. ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH ? The WORK awaits. YOU ARE CHILD OF SWANS. ARE YOU WOMAN ENOUGH? the WORK awaits. ARE YOU WOMAN ENOUGH? THEN YOU ARE : JARBOE. CHILD OF SWANS.

The word for NOW is : TRANSFORMATION.