September 23, 2006

September 23, 2006 01:23 AM

Tonight, Kris Force and I drove into San Francisco to meet the curator for Recombinant Media Labs and PanSonic for dinner at a restaurant called Sam’s Grill (I think that is the name). It was great to see PanSonic again and they seemed healthy and in fine spirits. They are performing at Recombinant over the next several days and Kris and I will go Sunday night. I invited Jerry Blue to join us there as well. The curator for Recombinant is Naut Humon. He is a gentleman and an inspiring individual. I had a good time and Kris and I drove back to Pacifica at 10 pm to go grocery shopping and returned to her apartment to discuss the day and the day to come. I had a great run today on the beach and feel rested and relaxed. My friend Michelle told me today she is coming to visit me in October from NYC . I am finally feeling a strong sense of urgency and awareness of mortality again regarding this incarnation and this is a very good thing. I am healthy and strong and aware and completely centered. I have a “to the death” mentality again. No safety net. THIS is the state of consciousness of “Jarboe.” I recognize myself. This is all that I ask of this life. To taste actualizatiion of beingness.