December 3, 2006

December 03, 2006 10:01 PM

Sunday was one of those perfect days because it was beautiful weather and I was focused on tackling new jobs that needed to get done so that I could clear my head and get back to the enormous amount of recording work I am in the process of doing right now. I know how to guard my energy flow carefully so as not to disrupt my focus. This means staying the course to what has to get done to project completion. I went outside and swept away huge piles of leaves and pine needles in the street and in the driveway. I used a huge broom and was aware that the sound of the rake and the broom is nostalgic because these days everybody uses an electric or battery operated leaf blower. My recording schedule was set back for 3 hours due to the screaming chaos of around 6 leaf blowers in this neighborhood. As I was sweeping later in the now quiet afternoon, I chuckled to myself that in terms of “disturbing the peace” turnabout fair play , I now had every right to stand on the front porch with a wailing electric guitar blasting out of a Marshall amp for the remainder of the day – if I wanted to call it even.

At any rate, I refuse to let other people’s behavior upset me more anymore now because it is all so small in the scheme of mortality. So laugh and let it all go.

My friend Jerry Blue knows this secret. He remains calm under pressure and he always looks on the bright side. He inspires me.

I downloaded a movie from the iTunes store last night called High Fidelity. It was hilarious and I definitely recommend it.

Having worked in a record store in college, I especially enjoyed the audiophile snobbery of the record store employees. I was like that , too. I grew to have contempt for the customers over their plebeian musical taste. and I learned an entire data base of musical knowledge that has served my life well in the recording arts.