January 5, 2007

January 05, 2007 11:07 PM

Today I went to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art to see the exhibit at Costume Institute of the collection of socialite Nan Kempner. It was fascinating and strange to see this personal couture wardrobe complete with photos of herself in some of the displayed garments and jewelry. Afterwards, I explored the Asian wing and entire rooms of Buddhas. Then I sat at the Balcony Cafe and rested before walking down past the Plaza Hotel (being turned into condos), the Apple Store, and Trump Tower. I took the subway downtown to West 4th and walked to the East Village. The air is remarkable as it is so warm and moist as after a spring rain. I am happy to be here gaining energy and insight and will return to Atlanta supercharged and ready to create new music. I can truly say that I am ready to work and I feel a creative surge unlike any other I have felt before. I am , as they say : “in the zone.”