Januaru 10, 2007

January 10, 2007 3:03 PM

Because I CARE about the quality of life, and I care about the quality of children’s lives, with what we now know, very careful planning and responsibility when deciding to breed seems an obvious choice. It seems uncaring to breed with the same number of children as people did in the 1950’s as if all is fine on this earth in an age when the majority of the scientific community tells us Greenland has already started to melt and Global Warming is irreversible. Is what I wrote considered an attack against parenting? In truth, it is exactly the opposite.

Not cynical. Realistic. The difference is compassion. I did not say that I disrespected parenting. Adoption and as few children as possible in a family seems a better idea in this environmentally unstable world. As does less than 5 cars for one household. Are these radical views?

Today,backpack strapped on, I went for a long walk doing errands in Atlanta. Walking by a fairly large home that was being torn down, there is a sign that says “Coming : Custom Home. 5 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom, 5 car garage .” I have been walking a lot and taking public transportation. I also joined Flexcar. So when I see this kind of development, I ask myself about responsible actions and the environment. Why in this age of impending environmental disaster / global warming would anyone want to bring into the hell that is coming (and already here) to this planet enough children to need a 5 bedroom house ? And do you really want to contribute to the problem with 5 cars in your household? If you want to live in denial, you are selfish and sadistic. Children into a future of environmental hell. An Inconvenient Truth ? And then … there is Michael Braungart. I want to learn more about what he has to say. He disagrees with Al Gore. http://www.braungart.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Braungart

Someone criticized my views and suggested I was cynical and that I could not comment on selflessness unless I had raised a child myself. As one involved in the care of their mother (in what involved a hands on nursing capacity) – who had an Alzheimer’s type disease, until her death from the disease 8 years later, I agree that it can be difficult for everyone to see all matters of selflessness.

I hope people will subscribe to a scientific journal and see An Inconvenient Truth. This will inform transportation, family planning, home building materials, etc. If a person is currently planning on 5 children and is not adopting, and 5 cars for their one household, I sincerely hope their choice and informed awareness makes a change for the better in this world.

Is our situation hopeless? Many believe so. Are those scientists cynical? Is it cynical to say that smoking is hazardous to your own and other’s health? The word cynical is subjective.

Again: www.braungart.com He has a different opinion than presented in An Inconvenient Truth.